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Unforeseen Health Issues – Does Travel Insurance Cover Them?

When you hear the word “Covid”, do you wonder what it means? If you have ever searched for travel insurance, you know it is very important to be covered. When you are planning your trip overseas, being covered can be the difference between a good trip and one that is stressful and uncomfortable. A lot of people do not have travel insurance because they assume that when going abroad that their medical needs will be taken care of. Unfortunately, travel insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions or illnesses. There are a few things that you should look for when you are looking for travel insurance.

The first thing that you should be aware of is whether or not your coverage cancellation fees apply. Most travel insurance policies provide coverage cancellation fees up to the day before your departure date. Some companies do require you to pay additional fees if you choose to cancel your trip within a certain period of time of your departure. Does travel insurance cover cancellations? It does not generally, but check with the particular company.

Does your policy cover medical evacuation? Medical evacuation is a term that is used when you need to be flown to the nearest medical facility in the event of an emergency while traveling abroad. These policies are often very expensive, because you are basically paying money to fly to another country. Most of these policies provide coverage for up to twelve hours of medical evacuation.

Is travel insurance intended for those that will be flying alone, or as part of a tour group? If you are traveling to an unfamiliar country that you have never been to before, then standard travel insurance may not cover you, especially if you are traveling without a guide. The coverage provided would depend on whether your travel insurance policy covers “covid-19” or “standard travel insurance.”

Is your insurance intended for one single travel agency, or is it intended for multiple travel agencies? If you are traveling with several different agencies, you should get a separate policy for each of the agencies. If your travel management company organizes trips for several major corporations all over the world, the coverage could be greater than just one. However, you should still check with your travel insurance provider to see what the minimum coverage limits are for the travel agency coverage you have chosen.

How many days of insurance does your travel agency offer? The longer the coverage, the higher your premium will be. The coverage varies dramatically. Some policies cover you and your companion(s) for only 3 days. Other policies cover you and your companions for up to five or ten days.

Does travel insurance cover business trips? If your business requires you to be away from home for at least a week, there are policies that provide coverage while you are away, as well as while you are at home. There are even some policies that cover you and/or your companions during extended stays abroad. These types of policies may not have benefits available if you experience a medical emergency while abroad. However, they usually have very high medical care benefits and coverage for the same costs in the country you are traveling to.

Can I cancel my trip without paying a penalty? Unlike some standard travel insurance policies, you can cancel a trip with no penalty. You must pay a cancellation fee to some companies, but in most cases this fee is waived once you have received your cancellation notice. Most unforeseen emergencies are not covered by these policies.

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