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Best Smartphone Insurance Policies (Top 10)

Do you know what happens to your smart phone can cost more than the actual purchase price of the phone if it is damaged by accident or even stolen? The answer may be surprising, but there are many things that can go wrong with them. Our society definitely depends on their mobile technology gadgets for special purposes, whether its work related or personal matters. It may sound crazy, but smartphone insurance is one thing that keeps our mobile phones alive while living in an electronic world. Here are some important reasons why you need to have smartphone insurance policies for your smart phone if you want to maintain its integrity against any damages or loss.

Accidents are something that may occur at any time without warning. They can be a nightmare for a mobile phone user because these devices are expensive and not cheap to replace with the same level of technology. Most insurance policies that cover your smart phone also come with an extended warranty that will ensure it’s completely repaired or replaced if damages occur through various accidents. The most common damages happen from dropping, spilling liquid on, scratching or even cracking your screen. Cracks in the glass screens do not go away over time, but instead spread due to additional stress added onto them from everyday use.

In some cases, smartphone insurance policies gives you the option to upgrade your damaged device at discounted prices rather than having a broken gadget as a reminder of a bad experience. There is a significant difference between saving money and earning money when you are able to replace your phone with a brand new one for less than what you paid for it. Instead of paying an expensive repair fee that will not guarantee your phone’s future safety, why not purchase a brand new model that comes along with payment options? You can easily trade in your old phone at most retailers and start using the same device all over again on the latest network technology.

If you’re like most people, your cell phone is an invaluable and essential part of your life. And it’s not always a cheap one either. We’ve all seen how quickly the price can add up with each new gadget we lust after, and if something were to happen to our precious smart phones we would be left crying in the corner clutching our cash-hemorrhaging device. This can be prevented by smartphone insurance policies though!

Importance of Smartphone Insurance

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider adding smartphone insurance policies to your monthly budget:

1) You Love Apps

Apps are awesome; there’s no denying that they make everything more exciting and interactive, but what happens when you download too many? All these downloads will slow down your phone significantly (iPhone users, I feel your pain), but simple insurance policies will keep you downloading without a care in the world.

2) Your Phone is a Fashion Accessory

You don’t need to be Giselle Bundchen or Kate Moss (ok fine maybe Kate is within the realm of possibility) to realize that smart phone manufacturers are putting more emphasis on looks than usability. Do you really want to carry the equivalent of an oversized bracelet only to have it slip through your fingers and fall into an unforgiving pavement? Then get yourself some Droid insurance today!

3) You’re Not Ballin’ out of Control

Smart phones may seem like everything these days, but there’s always something bigger or better right the corner; with that in mind it’s always a good idea to have some sort of insurance in place just in case. Just think, that shiny new smart phone would be replaced by the equivalent of an old flip-phone if something were to happen;

4) You’re Tired of Your Phone Breaking

There is no such thing as having too much insurance, and when it comes to your cell phone there is no such thing as being over insured. We all know how fragile these things can be with their touch screens and glass bodies; this is especially true for those who use their phones all day long.

Top Smartphone Insurance Policies

Some Best Smartphone Insurance Policies are as follows:

1) Get a Square Trade Plan

This is a great insurance policy for those who are looking to pay less than an arm and a leg on their monthly premiums. Square trade will only charge you about $7 every month, which includes up to 3 claims per year any time after your initial purchase. They also offer a hassle-free replacement within two days of filing the claim with no deductible fee or shipping charges.

2) Protect Your Phone with Farmers Insurance

Your phone may not be as flashy or exciting as some of the latest models out there, but it is still expensive! This is why having insurance coverage from Farmers might be such a good idea. Trying to replace something like this without insurance would leave you with a huge bill or nothing at all, so why not spend about $8 every month to insure your device?

3) Back Up Your Phone with Verizon Insurance Plan

It’s always nice to have some extra insurance on the side just in case something were to happen. This is true for your phone as well, which is why you should consider getting a Verizon wireless plan that protects against loss, damage and theft. The monthly premiums will only cost you about $5, but they do come with an additional fee if you file a claim without having setup automatic payments recently.

4) Protect Everything with Esure Insurance

There are many things that Esure offers its customers, including protection plans for lost or stolen smart phones. Their insurance plan costs about $5 and it will replace your device (up to a certain dollar value) after you file a claim.

5) Just Get Mark’s Insurance

Mark is the king of smart phone insurance; this is why he offers such affordable premiums on his plans! Just like Esure, Mark will replace your smartphone up to a specific dollar amount (about $400). His premium prices start at just $3 per month and you can also bundle them with other types of insurance policies as well.

6) Save Money with Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide may not be the first name that comes to mind when we think about purchasing mobile devices, but they do offer great coverage options on both smartphones and iPads. They only charge about $5 for their monthly premiums, but you can also bundle them with car insurance policies as well.

7) Protect Your Investment with Safe ware Insurance  

This is a great insurance company to use if you’ve already purchased a brand new smart phone and now want it to be fully protected against loss or theft. Their coverage plans start at just under $6 per month and include up to 3 claims per year!

8) Don’t Panic with GEICO Insurance  

The quick response time of this insurance company will make sure that your smartphone is replaced as quickly as possible. In most cases, they will replace your device within 24 hours from the time of filing your claim; this no waiting around all day long to use your new phone. They will also waive the deductible fee if you decide to go with their $3 per month premium plan.

9) Don’t Be Afraid with Safe link Wireless

If you are currently receiving federal assistance from the government, then this is one of the best carriers out there for you. They only charge about $6 every month and they provide free insurance policies on many different types of cell phones. The replacement process is easy as well.

10) Get Back On Your Feet Again with Assurant Solutions

This company offers consolidated billing along with a replacement device within 48 hours. The premiums are about $6 per month for customers with good credit scores, but they will go up to nearly $20 if you have a poor rating.

The time has come to make the decision on whether or not you are going to get smartphone insurance policies for your new device. With many different types of plans available, it can be difficult to choose what one is right for you. This blog offers an excellent resource that goes over all the basics when it comes to choosing the right type of insurance plan!

Remember, no matter how careful you are with your smartphone, accidents happen and having insurance will save you from a major headache!

So what do you think about these insurance policies?

Are you going to get smartphone insurance policies now so that you never have to worry about dropping your device again. As a frequent traveller, I know first-hand how expensive it can be to replace a lost or stolen smartphone so I always opt for the gold policy which costs me around $13 per month. Since I’ve been using my insurance plan, three different incidents have happened and each time they were able to reimburse me for the full amount of my deductible without any hassles. This is definitely worth it as it makes those premium prices seem like nothing at all in comparison!

Nowadays, most carriers offer some type of protection plan against breakage, theft and loss. If you’re lucky enough to have this type of coverage, read the fine print carefully as there are many limitations to these types of insurance policies. Depending on your carrier, they will only reimburse you up to a certain amount which is usually around $200 maximum for each claim.


Get smartphone insurance policies from a reliable provider! There are lots of different types out there and they can come in very handy if you’re someone who is constantly on the go. I never leave my house nowadays without first making sure that all my devices are fully protected by my trusty carrier. With no worries about what could happen at any given time, it’s nice to be able to enjoy life as it involves having fun with your new smartphone.

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