Insurance Technology and Customer Journey Mapping Integration Through Acuity Broad

In the insurance industry, the customer journey no longer comes from the individual perspective anymore. This is because of the increasing popularity of smart phones and apps in the market. As more insurance companies are using these technologies to interact with their customers, they are able to gather and collate all the relevant information in real-time. As a result, there is no more need for the agent to call each insurance company or contact each potential client one by one. All that the agent has to do is to simply use the smart phone’s GPS to find the nearest office closest to the potential clients’ locations. Thereby, the agent can now make the initial call without having to fill out forms or fill out endless forms.

The second trend in insurance industry is the development of more technologically advanced insurance systems. The apps available today can integrate all the essential functions needed by an insurance system. These may include claims management, customer relationship management, data extraction and analysis, claims and premium collections, and so on. Such functions are now provided by the popular insurance aiQ technology platform. As more insurance companies are using this app, more business opportunities are opening up for business owners and entrepreneurs to tap into.

Furthermore, the third trend is the push notifications. Most of the insurance aiQ app offers real-time push notifications. As a result, the insurance company can easily get updated with all the data related to the latest technology insurance and other services. In turn, the insurance companies can provide the client with the latest updates, quotes, service additions, etc.

Another latest technology in insurance industry is the GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology. This enables insurance agents to keep track of all the vehicle’s movements during the insurance term. Thus, they are able to pinpoint the locations of high-value customers. Further, the device provides complete insurance coverage history including the vehicle repairs and insurance history. These features help insurance companies to provide fast and convenient insurance services.

Fourth, the insurance companies are offering their clients a hosted mobile app that makes it easy for the client and the agent to interact with each other and with prospects and customers. The app comes with an enhanced navigation section as well as a map viewer. This gives the customer a 360 perspective of the entire area. Moreover, it enables the client to know about the insurance claim process, discount quotes, renewal periods, etc.

Fifth, the accuracy of the mapping and GPS technologies used in the process of providing precision marketing solutions are unprecedented. This allows the client to identify the areas where there is a high probability of getting the claim. Moreover, such precise locations will be identified before the customer even picks up the phone to call the insurance company. Such capabilities are being provided by the app developed by Acuity Broad.

The company has made every possible effort to reach out to its high-value users. It has also worked closely with the various insurance providers in order to provide them the best possible maps and GPS solutions. In addition, the accuracy provided by the app will help the insurance companies save time and efforts while drawing a targeted customer journey map which is most likely to meet the needs and requirements of the client. In fact, the integration of the Acuity Broad Precision Marketing Solutions technology with the various insurance providers and its unique mapping solutions will enable the insurance companies to offer their customers real time solutions for all their insurance needs.

Last but not the least; the app developed by Acuity Broad will also help clients find the right insurance company while navigating through different portals. It will help to categorize the insurance companies and their offerings in a way that the customer can take his pick. For example, the customer can choose an insurance company based on proximity. This means, he can go for those insurance companies which are located near his point of entry or point of use.

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