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Best University Insurance Policies in the World (Top 10)

Universities have long been a favoured target of hackers, vandals and terrorists alike. In fact, many universities have been more under attack from outside forces than any other type of organisation. This is because a university has a large number of valuable assets that can be stolen or destroyed in order to cause damage to the reputation and finances of an institution. In this blog i will tell about best university insurance policies.

Universities and colleges around the world offer their students many valuable services and amenities to provide both academic and student life support. Best University Insurance policies are one of those things that universities and colleges understand they need to offer even though it is not always viewed as an important service. One of the most important ways in which universities can both protect themselves and give peace of mind to students, academics and staff is through taking out best insurance policies for universities.

However, a key problem with gaining a sufficient level of protection against a possible attack is that many institutions do not appreciate the true cost of insuring valuable assets such as equipment, research, books and other property. They also fail to ensure that these costs are budgeted for from the start so that adequate cover can be obtained from an insurer. In addition to this, many universities do not fully understand the nature of the risks that they face. As a result, some institutions can suffer from poor coverage and high premiums.

A key reason why more information is needed about how to best protect universities is because there are a number of common misconceptions about insurance policies. This article aims to dispel these myths and offer more guidance on how a university should go about insuring itself from various types of risk.

The importance of understanding the risks faced by universities has never been greater. Universities are now beginning to realise that they can no longer just rely on state or public funds to protect them, but must take responsibility for protecting their own assets.

In order to ensure that all bases have been covered when obtaining insurance for an organisation, it is important to have both Business Interruption Insurance and Product Liability Insurance in place. These two coverages are essential components for any academic institution that needs to be sure that it continue operating after being disrupted by either a natural disaster or an accident.

Business Interruption Insurance provides the main defence against environmental disasters that could interrupt the operation of a university for years after they have occurred.

Some examples of possible events covered by these types of university insurance policies include fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake and other similar catastrophes. As well as being able to restore damaged buildings and other structures, Business Interruption Insurance can also help universities to continue running their institution while trying to repair the damage caused by the event. The reason why this coverage is so vital is because many academic institutions rely upon outside funding in order to run their operations on a day-to-day basis – especially if they are public or state funded. This means that can be difficult for them to pay for the necessary repairs to their property if they are suddenly out of funds.

Business Interruption Insurance can be very expensive, however, and it is not necessarily suitable for all universities. This type of university insurance is designed more for institutions that rely upon outside funding sources in order to pay for their day-to-day operations. If a university has enough revenue coming into its accounts then it may not need this coverage as much as others that are less fortunate financially. Also, Business Interruption Insurance would only come into effect after the initial costs of restoring the campus have already been paid for by an institution’s other insurance policies or by private donations.

Traditionally, universities have been the type of businesses that have spent very little on security technology and a great deal on intellectual property protection. For this reason, there has been a large focus in the past to protect research data for fear of losing their competitive edge through someone else being able to use their information or ideas.

In recent years however, these attitudes have started to slowly change across higher education institutions as they develop a greater understanding of the risks associated with cyber-crime and terrorism. In fact, it is widely recognised that various terrorist groups are actively seeking out students who are studying sensitive topics or courses where they can potentially gain knowledge that could then be used for nefarious reasons.

Despite all of this risk awareness though, most higher learning institutions still spend a fraction of their total budget on cyber security as compared to what they spend on university insurance for physical damage from fire or floods. The reason for this is that the loss from theft, vandalism and malicious attacks is typically much higher than any financial losses associated with a natural disaster. For this reason alone, universities should always ensure that they have a comprehensive top university insurance policies in place that covers them against all types of risk especially those that might be considered unforeseen at the time the payments were first made.

The education sector is often seen as one of the most important for all societies, with students and universities alike receiving so much funds to ensure that they are provided with the best possible conditions.

Insurance providers recognize this significance and have recently made available some of the most advanced best university insurance for future students who will attend these institutions. These university insurance policies vary in their coverage from death, accident or illness through to personal belongings, but each aims to provide a good level of protection against unforeseen circumstances. With an abundance of institutions now offering insurance packages as part of their admissions process, we look at 10 universities which offer best university insurance policies.

This article will look at the top 10 best university insurance policies that are used on universities around the world. The following list was determined on a combination of factors including cost, coverage and level of service provided. As you’ll see, universities have some of the most detailed insurance coverages available today across numerous different market sectors. This is not only because of their large budgets but also due to the sheer scale of potential physical damage that can occur each year.

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Top 10 Best University Insurance Policies

The best insurance policies for universities are:

1 – California State University – CSU

It is one of the top university insurance policies. The California State University (CSU) offers a unique insurance package which allows students and their family to choose the level of coverage they require. Providing health, dental and vision care all within one policy, these types of university insurance also includes crisis response and ambulance coverage along with international medical evacuation.

Additional products such as mobile phone or property cover can also be attached to provide individuals with an even more comprehensive agreement. With a wide array of university insurance available at different rates, this is clearly one of the best university insurance policies in the world.

2 – Clemson University – CU

Clemson University has offered student’s optional insurance since 2012 in order to assist in covering tuition fees if unfortunate circumstances arise during an academic term. The coverage is split into three different parts, with the first providing $500 of protection along with product discounts at participating retailers. Next is accident insurance which covers $10,000 in dental expenses and finally there is illness insurance which costs $25 per academic year.

3 – College Board – CB

The College Board has an extremely unique approach to student insurance by offering a special program known as ‘Student Secure’. This provides low cost emergency medical treatment for students through their network of providers around the world, which includes general consultations and vaccinations.

In addition to this, all international students are given access to a range of scholarship opportunities from which they can benefit from until their coverage expires after 2 years. This best university insurance policy may only cover students for $250,000 but it does come as part of the package with other incentives.

4 – Deakin University – DU

The Deakin University has partnered up with a number of insurance providers in order to offer student’s a personalized and tailor made plan which is both affordable and provides a wide range of coverage. The deals offered by this university are particularly impressive as they can be bought on an annual or short-term basis which allows students to make appropriate choices depending on their needs. Comprehensiveness ranges from public liability, property loss through to personal accident protection, all of which provide great value for money.

5 – Illinois Institute of Technology – IIT

IIT has been providing its student body with affordable insurance packages since 2012 in order to assist them during their studies. With a range of coverage ranging from accident, illness through to dental expenses, the packages are separated into two main categories. These are College Care which runs for 12 months and provides students with protection up to $15,000 per incident and Student Care which has no time limit but only covers $10,000 worth of coverage per semester.

6 – McGill University – MU

McGill University offers an insurance package known as ‘Health & Dental Plan’ which is available only to domestic students studying within Canada. The plans provided by this plan include 100% reimbursement on eye glasses or contact lenses, full medical coverage including maternity costs through to 80% rebate on surgical procedures after they have been pre-approved. The best part about these university insurance policies is the fact that they are subsidized by McGill University, resulting in extremely low costs.

7 – Michigan State University – MSU

MSU offers students an exciting new option to enrolling with its Spartan Advantage plan which provides a number of different benefits including alumni discounts and ways to improve their resume. All this for only $1,600 per semester, making it one of the cheapest insurance packages out there, not to mention the amount of perks included within the plan.

8 – Missouri State University – MSU

The MSU student health care benefit program covers all regular full-time undergraduate and graduate students who pay their fees on time through billing statements emailed directly from the university. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by this plan, however the benefits provided do include the usual range of coverage depending on what type of plan you select.

9 – Saint Mary’s University – SMU

This is another Canadian university which provides students with all sorts of insurance options depending on their personal needs, providing them with extensive coverage at very low costs. SMU offers 4 different plans ranging from student health insurance through to dental insurance through to accident protection. The best part about these policies is that they provide enough cover for each student regardless of whether they intend to study overseas or in Canada.

10 – University Of California – UC

Finally we have the very generous UC which has partnered up with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield for its students between 18-25 who qualify for the UC SHIP plan. The best part about this university insurance is that it not only provides medical coverage, but also includes mental health and dental care via a specific set of providers which includes 600 doctors and 1,400 dentists in California.


As you can see there are a variety of different top university insurance policies offered by universities all over the world, making it easy for students to find an affordable plan which is both comprehensive and suitable.

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